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Commercial Register of Estonia Antworten

Center for Registers and Information Systems (RIK)

RIK is a government agency that reports to the Ministry of Justice.
The main purpose of RIK is to ensure an innovative and integrated environment of e-services for more efficient implementation of public administration and application of laws and jurisprudence. RIK is one of the largest IT organizations in Estonia.

It develops and manages various registers and information systems. This includes the commercial register, e-notary, land register and information systems from other areas (court information system, e-files, etc.). Around 50 registers are under the supervision of the RIK.

The Commercial Register of Estonia (a place for the registration of companies in Estonia) has been in operation since September 1, 1995.
The portal of the Estonian Business Register is considered unique in Europe as it ensures quick and convenient establishment of companies. For example, it is possible to register a limited liability company in just a few hours with an ID card, without leaving home. In addition to the company search, the company portal can also be used to change a company's registration data and transmit annual reports electronically.

The Commercial Register of Estonia offers the following services.
Business Registration Portal (CReP - Online site for business formation in Estonia)

It is a portal for entrepreneurs, with the help of which the registration departments of courts as well as the Central Commercial Register can be contacted, so that it can carry out various tasks in this portal.
In this portal, entrepreneurs can submit an application for membership, a list of the board members with their personal details and relevant changes, contact details, information about relevant changes and annual reports.
Residents of Estonia can access the portal using an ID card, Mobile ID or authentication through an Internet bank.
Residents of Portugal, Finland and Belgium can access the portal by using an ID card, but citizens of Lithuania - by using a Mobile ID.
Information system - the central commercial register
It is an online service of the Center for Registers and Information Systems and this register is based on the database of the courts' register departments.
This central database includes digital data from the commercial register, the register of non-profit associations and foundations and the commercial register of liens. It is a paid service with a monthly subscription fee of 10 EUR plus the request fee.
By paying the subscription fee, an individual can access the information contained in the land registry, the commercial registry, the registry of non-profit associations and foundations, and the commercial pledge registry.
A value-added tax (VAT) payment is added to the service fee. For their part, users of the Trade Register can search for information about their affiliated companies, non-governmental organizations and foundations free of charge.
To access this information, a user must authorize themselves with an ID card.

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